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About Designer Consigner

“A Passion for Fashion.”


Does this describe your closet?

“I have a few items that I wear on a regularly and many more that are taking up valuable closet space. Some items are too small (that I wish I could fit into), some are too big (that I hope I will never fit into again), some still have tags attached that I’ve never worn (and probably never will). I have shoes, jewelry and purses that I spent a small fortune on, but only used on a few occasions. All taking up way too much space.”

The co-founders had this problem as well and that’s where the idea for Designer Consigner came from.

Who is behind the scenes at Designer Consigner?

Judith Powell – Co-founder

Judith is our resident expert when it comes to anything in fashion. She co-founded Designer Consigner with the belief that buying pre-owned luxury items should be as satisfying as buying new. Judith currently manages the Granite Bay boutique.Judy Powell - Designer Consigner Cofounder

Prior to co-founding Designer Consigner she designed and manufactured high end fashions. Her designs have sold worldwide and have won several prestigious awards. In addition to owning and operating her own luxury clothing store, she was a guest lecturer in fashion at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

Over ten years ago she began selling on eBay and is now recognized by eBay as a “Top Rated Seller.” Judith is also a qualified eBay Trading Assistant.

Jane Powell Co-founder
Jane is as passionate about technology as Judith is about fashion. Jane’s twenty years of experience as software Jane Powell - Designer Consigner Cofounderdeveloper and project manager ensures a positive consumer experience on this website. Jane manages operations and the online shopping experience.

Prior to co-founding Designer Consigner Jane worked in the corporate world utilizing her degree in Computer Science. She developed several specialized accounting packages, led teams in the development of insurance based websites, and managed many technology based projects. Jane has a website dedicated to improving the lives of women (www.MeditationsForWomen.com) which she is very proud of.


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